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Spring Course--Online and On Campus

Practices for a Religiously Diverse World
LIM 860, Wednesdays 6:20-9:05, limited space available for
On-campus and Online* LIM students
Professor Adil Khan

Course Description:

This course is intended for students to discuss and address practical issues pertaining to interfaith relations in the contemporary world.  This entails a personal investment from the student in the sense that students must have a willingness to share with the class personal experiences pertaining to the weekly topics as they relate to them.  This will allow students to develop the necessary skillset to address the issues that they are already facing in their own personal and professional lives, in addition to providing them with a broader theoretical framework for meeting the complex challenges of religious diversity in an increasingly globalized world.  The aim is not merely for students to learn about interfaith relations, but also to learn how interfaith relations can be improved, whether by aiding in conflict resolution, developing outreach strategies for more cohesive communities, or re-conceptualizing ideas collectively in a way that works for a particular real-world situation.  Students will critically analyze various points of contention in interfaith relations throughout the semester and propose potential solutions that lead to pathways with positive outcomes for all parties involved.  This course has a mixed enrollment with graduate and undergraduate students.



*Online students need a computer with internet connection, webcam, mic, and headphones and will join the class from a distance at its designated time, Wednesdays in the spring 6:20-9:05.