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Bachelor of Liberal Studies 

The Humanities major offers adult and part-time students an opportunity to consider critically the ways that human beings shape and inhabit the world, particularly from the perspectives of the humanities: aesthetic, creative, spiritual, historical and philosophical. The concentration offers students a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge, including such fields as English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music, Visual Arts. Complementary courses in the social sciences will round out students’ appreciation of the complexity of human understanding and the richness of these traditions of learning. 

As a multi-disciplinary program, the Humanities major offers a firm foundation in the liberal arts as well as a practical basis for a variety of careers and professional options. The pursuit of a Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree provides experience in writing, research and praxis, which can prepare students for graduate or professional studies, as well as the resources to develop as reflective, competent, conscientious world citizens, and as life-long learners. 

As part of Loyola’s mission to educate the whole person, the Liberal Studies Program offers opportunities to acquire theoretical and practical understanding, to develop habits of critical thinking, to acquire oral and written communication skills, to apply learning to life and professional responsibilities, and to serve the larger life community. 

The mission of the Liberal Studies major is conducted through on-campus and distance education programs that serve the greater New Orleans area, particularly those who might not otherwise benefit from the educational resources of Loyola University New Orleans.


If you entered in the... Your class bulletin is...  Your required course work is...
2012-2013 Academic Year or before 2012-2013 Bulletin or before Pre - 2013 Humanities DPCL 
2013-2014 Academic Year 2013-2014 Bulletin 2013-2014 Humanities DPCL
2014-2015 Academic Year 2014-1015 Bulletin 2014-2015 Humanities DPCL
2015-2016 Academic Year 2015-2016 Bulletin 2015-2016 Humanities DPCL